Saturday, 4 February 2017

Why you should choose science

Hey guys,

Today's post is about SCIENCE so get excited !!

As a student ambassador and science student I get asked a lot about why I chose science. So why exactly should you chose science as your future career choice. Well there is more than one reason. I mean the only one that should really matter is that you like science and could honestly see yourself studying this for a long time. As I continue in my degree, my ideal job is constantly changing. Medicinal chemistry, environmental health, inks and dyes and it's because the possibilities are endless. If you ever wanted a degree with endless opportunities science is just that.

Interesting side story I didn't ever consider being a scientist until my last year in school. Since I was little I wanted to study law. I never once questioned doing anything else. When I was in Sixth year I went to the higher options show in the RDS. I went into a law talk and fell asleep within the first 20 minutes. I quickly realised that studying law for four plus years was not realistic for me. So I left the talk and went to find a friend who was in a science talk. Well the women speaking showed in no uncertain terms how many jobs the were in science that year and the starting salary for scientists in Ireland. I thought about it, I always loved science, money in science was good and I wanted a job that would keep me interested. Science ticked all these boxes for me so I shifted all my attention into finding an area of science that I would love. For me that  choice was chemistry. I guess that was less of a side story and more like half a blog post !

There is something very satisfying about learning how things work. This is a core principle that almost every scientist has. Science really is everywhere whether it's learning how a microwave works or how chocolate is made, yes chocolate making is a science in itself ( Its a branch of chemistry). When most people think of science they see this

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I'd like to point out we are not all nutty professor stereo types. For the most part we do indeed work in a lab but a recent campaign by the royal society of chemistry is pushing the boundaries of what society expects of a scientist. Such as this marine chemist.

Science being everywhere and being involved in all natural occurrences means that scientists get to do some pretty amazing work in every corner of the world. Ill put the link of RSC down below.

Not only are there many exciting jobs for scientist but there are many jobs period. Ever heard the saying there is no such thing as an unemployed mathematician, that's because a mathematician can work in finance, science, technology the possibilities are endless. Science and finance are two of the only sectors that continue to higher more people even in a recession. Ireland is the largest exporter of pharmaceuticals in Europe. The pay for a scientist is pretty good as well.

The real reason you should choose science is because you love it. All scientist share one of two common goals. One to help people or two, to leave your mark on history. Bottom line is would you mind getting up everyday and going to class to listen to a lecturer talk about science for four years. Don't get me wrong there are days I would rather stay in bed for an extra hour or some classes that I don't relish going to everyday but overall I don't mind going to college everyday because I truly enjoy learning about science and that's all that really matters when choosing a degree.

For those of you interested in learning more about the royal society of chemistry this is the link.

Credit for the second photo above also goes to the royal society of chemistry.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How to study effectively

Hi guys,

I know it's been a while since I last posted but second year med chem exams can be stressful. For most of us a new year means a new semester. This brings with it new classes and an opportunity to study the right way. 

When I say 'The right way' I mean taken what you wish from my list of tips and making them work for you. I done a previous study smarter not harder post a few months ago but I've picked up some other tips since then that I thought I would share with you guys. 

So let's get started.....

Numero uno, Letting go. 

Don't spend time dwelling on what you could have done last semester. If your like me you won't get your exam result's for a while. There is absolutely no benefit to stressing about your results now, it won't change them. Instead take note of what didn't work last time and build on that. 

Revise material sooner

One thing that didn't work for me was scheduling all my study for two specific days. It is proven that revising material straight after you've had a class is better for you. Although you may have the notes in front of you the point of going to class is for the extra nuggets of wisdom your lecturer will slip into the lecture. For instance highlighting what info in the notes is not going to be on the exam. I have started studying each lecture notes the same day as the lecture. Of course this means some days will have more studying than others.

Plan ahead

Plan for the free time you have. On a monday I have labs, no classes therefore no lecture notes to study. Instead I start my lab reports that day. Again the information is still fresh in  your mind. Last semester I would start reports whenever I had free time that could be days after by which point I would need to look at my manual to try and remember what the point of the experiment was. Plan one day maybe at the weekend that you have completely free, this day can be used for any missed revision and finishing up reports.

Do the self work

Unlike school everything you need to know will not be handed to you. 50% of what you need to learn is self teaching. You can get this extra info from books, websites or my favorite YOUTUBE !! So obviously don't use Youtube as a source in a report but to help you really grasp the hard topics it is a very goof source of information. For chemistry student's I recommend 'Ben's chem videos'. He thought me a whole module in one night. 

Most lecturers provide a recommended reading list on the first day. This is something I did not use last semester and really regretted. This semester I made sure to get the name of at least one recommended book for each module.

I hope these tips help to make semester too a little bit easier.